Nutrition FAQ

Why is protein important, and what ingredients make Muscle Masala bars so high in protein?
Protein is essential for the human body. It's responsible for the growth of cells, building tissue, and transporting nutrients throughout the body. If you want to achieve optimal health and build a lean, strong physique, it's imperative to consume an adequate amount of protein each day. One Muscle Masala bar contains 20 grams of top-quality lean protein- about the same as you'd find in three ounces of chicken breast or three large eggs.

Whey is the foremost protein component in our bars. Whey is a 100% natural co-product of the cheese-making process. In its powdered form, whey has traditionally been a go-to source of protein for athletes and individuals looking to improve their body composition, due to its exceptional protein-per-calorie ratio. Whey is naturally low in carbohydrates and fat. Because it's rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, it's a great choice for pre- and post-workout nutrition.

Other high protein ingredients in our bars include nuts, eggs, and casein. Casein is an all-natural milk-derived protein. It's most easily recognized as the solid curds in cottage cheese. Like whey, casein is low in carbs and fat, and has a high protein-per-calorie ratio. Unlike whey, however, casein is a slowly released protein. When casein reaches the acidic pH environment of the stomach, it forms a gel that can take several hours to fully break down into its amino acid sub-components. This means that foods containing casein tend to leave you feeling full for a long period of time. Casein's "time-released" properties help make a Muscle Masala bar a great choice for a filling meal replacement or a quick, hassle-free breakfast.

When should I eat a Muscle Masala bar?
Muscle Masala bars can be eaten almost anytime. They're great for use after a workout to help replenish your body with both fast and slow release carbohydrates, and to supply protein to help stimulate muscle repair. Many athletes also find our bars to be an excellent pre-activity product to help sustain energy during training and competition. Finally, Muscle Masala bars simply provide convenient and delicious nutrition-on-the-go, for all those times when you're just too busy to sit and enjoy a healthful meal.

How are Muscle Masala bars sweetened?
Because our bars contain ingredients that are already naturally sweet (such as cherries, cranberries, and figs), we find that there really isn't much need to sweeten them further. One ingredient we do add however- in very small amounts- is Canadian clover honey. We love the unique flavour that honey imparts to our bars when combined with spices like cardamom and fennel seed.

Are Muscle Masala bars gluten free?
We use no ingredients in our bars that naturally contain wheat or gluten, however, we do not make our bars in a facility that has been certified gluten free.

Do Muscle Masala bars contain dairy?
Yes, all three flavours of our bars contain dairy ingredients.

What is the shelf life of Muscle Masala bars, and how should I store them?
It is not necessary to refrigerate our bars. However, because we use no preservatives, our bars have a recommended shelf life of seven days from the date they were baked, when kept at room temperature. When kept in the refrigerator, the shelf life is extended to about a month. Any bars not to be eaten within this time frame can simply be placed into a freezer, and they will retain their full flavour and texture when thawed.

We always consider freshness when we ship our bars. For orders within Toronto, we rush courier our bars to your door within 24 hours from the time they're baked. For orders outside of the Toronto area, we ship fresh bars early in the week to ensure that packages are not in transit during a weekend.

How many calories does one Muscle Masala bar contain?
One Muscle Masala bar contains 298 calories.

What about protein, fat, and carbs?
One bar contains 20 grams of top quality protein, 18 grams of heart-healthy fat, and 20 grams of high-fibre carbohydrate.

Where can I find the ingredient list for Muscle Masala bars?
For a full list of ingredients and highlights of some of their health benefits, please click here (Chocolate Cherry Cardamom), here (Vanilla Fig Saffron), and here (Chocolate Ginger Espresso).

If you have a nutrition-related question that isn't addressed above, please contact us, and we'll try our best to answer it for you.